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About Us

Aerial view of a compound with buildings, greenery around, and a pond.

Granby Sanitation District was formed in 1954 and is a governmental subdivision of the State of Colorado and a body corporate with powers of a quasi-municipal corporation authorized by and in compliance with C.R.S. Section 32-1-101 eq. seq. (Special District Act) which provides wastewater services to the Granby area. The historic Granby area is serviced directly by Granby Sanitation District. The Town of Granby and Silver Creek Water and Sanitation District, lying south of the Fraser River, are served by contracts with the Town of Granby and Silver Creek Water and Sanitation District.

Granby Sanitation District owns and operates a state-of-the-art wastewater treatment facility which treats influent wastewater to a very high standard before the effluent is discharged to the Fraser River. The District is regulated by the Water Quality Control Division of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.

It is the District's objective to provide reliable, efficient and high-quality wastewater treatment service to the community. The District takes their obligation to protect the public health, safety, water quality and environment very seriously.

The District's is funded by the fees collected from its customers, no tax revenues are received.